“With Accounting services from Integrity, you have the numbers you can trust for your decisions and be assured your accounting is in the safest of hands.”

We aim to deliver to our clients cost effective accounting services in a consistent manner. We organize the financial reporting process for our clients; ensure that the financial statements prepared comply with the latest accounting standards, and the accounting operations are aligned with the objectives of the business.

Our accounting services include:

• Financial accounting
• Preparation of corporate tax returns
• Preparation of financial analytical report that empowers business owners with right information    at the right time to make dependable budgeting and forecasting, and better decisions all around
• Preparation of Interim financial statements with supporting schedules for the guidance of management
• Guide on the regulations and procedures with regard to tax prepayments, GST/HST and tax withholdings
• In case of tax audits, we deal with the tax authorities on your behalf.

With Integrity as their partner, our clients can have peace of mind about:
• Having their year-end accounts prepared timely ahead of annual accounts audit and tax return filing deadline
• Compliance of accounts with the accounting standards
• Accuracy and reliability of numbers, which allows you to keep your finger on the pulse of your business