“With Integrity, incorporating your business is hassle free .”

Having a corporate name is an essential component of corporate communication and branding today. It makes sense to incorporate your business as it is it helps you garner trust and confidence of your clients. We offer professional and affordable incorporation services for all businesses and all corporations (federal and provincial).

Why incorporate your business?

Apart from credibility and prestige that you can expect to gain by incorporating, other tangible advantages include :

• Limited liability – In an incorporated entity, the shareholder’s or the owner’s liability is limited. The owners are not liable for repaying the debts and other obligations that the company would have incurred in the course of business.

• Tax benefits – There are important tax benefits as well if you choose to incorporate your business. You get lower tax rates and also carry forward losses which can be offset against profits that you may earn in subsequent years.

• Perpetual existence – The life of an incorporated business entity is independent of the life of its owners. The owners may change, but the incorporated entity continues to exist.