“With Accounting services from Integrity, you have the numbers you can trust for your decisions and be assured your accounting is in the safest of hands.”

We aim to deliver our clients cost effective accounting services in a consistent manner. We organize the financial reporting process for our clients; ensure that the financial statements prepared comply with the latest accounting standards, and the accounting operations are aligned with the objectives of the business.

Our accounting services include –

• Statutory financial accounting
• Preparation of corporate tax returns
• Coordinating with your auditors for well-timed preparation of annual accounts
• Preparation of financial analytical report that empowers business owners with right information at the right time to make dependable budgeting and forecasting, and better decisions all around.
• Preparation of Interim financial statements with supporting schedules for the guidance of management
• Guide on the regulations and procedures with regard to tax prepayments, GST/HST and tax withholdings
• In case of tax audits, we deal with the tax authorities on your behalf.

With Integrity as their partner, our clients can have peace of mind about –
• Having their year-end accounts prepared timely ahead of annual accounts audit and tax return filing deadline
• Compliance of accounts with the accounting standards
• Accuracy and reliability of numbers, which allows you to keep your finger on the pulse of your business.

“At Integrity, we ensure our clients save as much as possible.”
Tax service
Whether it is individual, corporate, trusts or salaried employees, Integrity can take care of your tax return filing. Our clients find our tax services affordable and they appreciate the efficiency and ease with which we execute the tax preparation process.

Corporations can rely on our services for filing of both direct and indirect tax returns (GST/HST, CPP, and EI). Our tax experts act in the best interest of our clients to make sure they get the benefit for all available exemptions / rebates, so as to maximize tax refunds.

Integrity Tax Services can be helpful if you are –

• Self-employed individuals
• Partners in a partnership
• Salaried employee
• Have rental income from land or property
• Have substantial investment income
• Have income from divestment of assets like business, property or stocks
• Have income from multiple sources of income – salary, business and investment income
• An expatriate
• An employer managing an expatriate work force
• Corporate
• Non-Profit Organization

Why use Integrity Accounting Services for your taxes
Tax legislations are quite complex and dynamic so it is wise to rely on the services of an expert who deals day in and day out in the same matter. By doing so, you not only save time, but can also save money. Tax is an important component of the total cost structure in any organization and you need to pay due attention in matters related to it. At Integrity, we are focused at developing a close relationship with our clients. To achieve the same, we keep them updated on the latest tax rules and its implication for business and personal tax issues.